Readers discuss the need to make goods, services and facilities accessible to all, regardless of age, ability or status in life, and suggestions that the city ditch its US dollar peg.

Readers discuss what the city should focus on after Lionel Messi’s failure to play in a much-publicised match, the need for accountability from event organisers, and the silver lining to the game.

Readers discuss the Shenzhen government’s intiatives to improve the city, and the effect of an influx of tourists on ordinary people’s lives.

Readers discuss why the Hong Kong government has to get the scheme right, retail’s contribution to waste, a property vacancy tax, and a family’s suffering


Readers discuss Hong Kong’s uniqueness as tourism destination, the role universities play in boosting the city’s appeal, and a recent liveability ranking.

Readers discuss the need to involve grass-roots communities in the crafting of climate solutions, the recent scandal engulfing a Hong Kong charity, and how to preserve the mental health of the city’s children

Readers discuss why more notices in the city should be in English, the lack of clarity on Expats’ unavailability, unread English books, and bringing back in-town check-in.

Readers discuss the economic potential of the drone-related industry, the plan to increase the number of CCTV cameras in the city, and the abuse of a young inmate.

Readers discuss how long it takes for innovation to result in revolutionary, why the waste-charging scheme must anticipate how people will respond, and the need to prioritise recycling.

Readers discuss the prevailing mood of anxiety among China’s working professionals, the failings of democracy, and Western officials’ fixation with Hong Kong’s national security law.

Readers discuss the many cultures that converge at a recreation ground, the city’s declining birth rate, the disadvantage of elders switching to the JoyYou card, and fatal taxi accidents.

Readers discuss the Hong Kong auteur’s first foray into television, the fortunes of TVB, appropriate dress for young women, and what Hong Kong officials should do with their time.


Readers discuss why international agreements alone can’t provide a strong foundation for meaningful change in the Middle East, and ask for Chinese help with freeing a Chinese-Israeli hostage.

Readers discuss the impact of legislation on one of the city’s liveliest attractions, bogus applications for government subsidies, and why doctors should be left out of Hong Kong’s revenue drive.

Readers discuss history education and identity in Taiwan, why Hong Kong universities should go private, and whether another 24-hour checkpoint is necessary.

Readers discuss the challenge of finding new revenue streams, three-dish rice queues in Central, a university head’s resignation, and the discovery of coral species in Victoria Harbour.

Readers discuss the wider consequences of partisan polarisation in the United States, and an important tweak to data protection law in Malaysia.

Readers discuss Hanoi’s relations with Beijing and Washington, the reality of Chinese foreign relations, music to Chinese consumers’ ears, Hong Kong bargain-hunters, and the pursuit of happiness.